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Advisors Building Consulting is a real estate

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specializing in real estate Consulting.

With decades of experience and a personalized approach

Our specialists will help you with all aspects of your real estate deal.

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A dvisors

B uilding

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years of experience

At our real estate consulting firm, we have several compelling reasons that set us apart from the competition. Firstly, we bring a wealth of experience to the table, with over 20 years of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the real estate industry. This has enabled us to develop a deep expertise in all aspects of real estate consulting, making us a trusted and reliable partner to our clients.

recognized for our expertise

we are widely recognized for our expertise in the real estate sector. Our team of experts has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Whether it's providing market analysis, developing property strategies or negotiating leases, our clients know they can count on us to provide them with the best possible advice and support.

from start to finish

Our real estate consulting services are truly from start to finish. We take a hands-on approach to each and every project, providing our clients with a comprehensive and integrated service that covers every aspect of their real estate needs. From identifying the right property, to negotiating the best deal, to managing the construction process, we're with our clients every step of the way to ensure their success.

Our Expertise

When it comes to navigating the complex world of real estate,

We understand the importance of having a solid support system in place .

That's why our offer includes assistance with negotiations, legal documentation, land acquisition, strategic, financial, and market feasibility studies, and business plan writing.

  • Professionally identifying the ideal plot for your residential, industrial, hospitality or commercial real estate project.
  • Mediation and assistance in land acquisition and legal formalities
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Strategic, financial, and market feasibility studies, Business plan writing
  • Market entry strategy, operational and financial partnership strategies, identification of potential targets and/or investors
  • Communication strategy


A dvisors

B uilding

C onsulting


Secure your future investment opportunities worldwide by identifying them effectively.

Real Estate Acquisition

We help you ensure that you benefit from the best acquisition conditions, whether by your own means or with the assistance of partner investors. We are with you throughout the process of your acquisition project, from target research to price estimation, negotiation advice, to the final contract signing.

Financing Consultancy

We provide you with access to the best financing offers to optimize and secure your real estate acquisition.

Acquisition Consultancy

We help you find the best investment opportunities for all types of assets. We work with Moroccan and international investors for the identification and implementation of your acquisitions.

Real Estate Valuation or expertise

We provide you with accurate valuation or legal expertise for your real estate acquisitions, on all types of assets, whether in Morocco or abroad.

Real Estate Opportunity Audit and Study

We work with you to study the best scenarios for your investment projects. We advise you during the portfolio arbitrage phase, identify key assets, help you secure your investment projects, and provide you with an architectural, legal, financial, and technical audit on the identified assets.


A dvisors

B uilding

C onsulting


Maximize the value of your assets during their sale.

  • Advisory services for sales: Our team will support you in your asset disposition and arbitration strategies, no matter the size or type of asset. We offer our services to both domestic and international clients.
  • Real estate valuation: Receive a precise evaluation for any potential property acquisitions, both domestically and abroad, across all types of assets.
  • Financing advice: Gain access to the best financing options available in order to optimize and secure your acquisition.
  • Sale and leaseback analysis: Consider selling your real estate assets in order to lease them back for personal use, providing an opportunity to optimize your cash flow.


A dvisors

B uilding

C onsulting


Market your vacant spaces by positioning them effectively in the market. Our team will assist you in determining the optimal market positioning for your property based on your objectives and current market demand.

Lease Management

Boost your tenant search, whatever your available spaces. Our team uses its knowledge of buildings, the market, and businesses to position your offer and define your target market.

Marketing Strategy

Find the right product positioning and timeline for the commercialization of your assets, whether it's a building to be delivered or vacant spaces within an existing building. We accompany you throughout all stages of your project: analysis of your assets and the environment, scenario definition, communication...

Property Marketing

Deploy an effective marketing plan to showcase the strengths and relevance of your offer on the market (design concept, services, rents...), taking into account your priorities. We accompany you up to the negotiation phase.

Real Estate Expertise

Access expertise in the appraisal of your guarantees and assets held in leasing


A dvisors

B uilding

C onsulting

Financial and Strategic analysis

Analyze your real estate investment with a strategic point of view

  • Strategic Consulting Analyze real estate investment trends and evolve your real estate strategy according to market outlook.
  • Portfolio Diversification Leverage market cycles and opportunities in emerging markets through a diversified portfolio strategy.
  • Value Enhancement Increase returns and capital appreciation by investing in assets exposed to long-term cyclical trends.
  • Financial Expertise Benefit from tailored expertise services that match your requirements and internal processes for your financial and tax reporting needs.

What Our Clients Say About Us

read our 5-star reviews

I had the honor of working with this great man who showed us a very high level of management and negotiation skills, in addition to his quality as a man of his word, both for himself and his associates.

- Jaouad LARAKI JL Transit

We entrusted the company with the launching of over 50 hectares for industrial leasing projects, over a period of more than 7 years. We are very pleased to work with them again, and the results, particularly the return on investment, have been excellent.

- CEO of S.Group

"Our factory needed to expand into the neighboring land, and thanks to the firm's assistance, we were able to save half of the investment cost that would have been required to purchase the land. This amounted to over 2 million dollars."

- CEO of Dla. Group

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